Ernesto Esquivel-Garcia should have been deported twice but on two occasions when he went before immigration judges he was released. The last time he was allowed to self-deport. He didn’t.

Prosecutors in the Esquivel-Garcia case said the he had brutally strangled and stabbed Jared Vargas to death before setting his body on fire in the apartment complex.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies:

Esquivel-Garcia … first came to the attention of ICE following a March 1, 2017, arrest for drunken driving and criminal mischief charges in San Antonio. Apparently, he’d tried to run over the parents of a girlfriend who’d scorned him.


For those charges, he pleaded down to obstructing a highway and received deferred adjudication with 12 months’ probation. These prompted deportation proceedings; ICE took him into custody the next month, in April 2017. But he made the low bond he was given and got out while the immigration case sat … and sat.


More than a year would pass before a federal immigration judge would even look at the case against the trouble-making Esquivel-Garcia. Finally, on May 21, 2018, just weeks before Vargas was murdered, the immigration judge ruled — and granted Esquivel-Garcia the chance to voluntarily leave by July 20, 2018. This so-called “voluntary departure” is a generous form of resolution judges usually bestow on productive non-citizens who have stayed out of trouble; it allows respondents to one day legally apply for re-entry. It allows many others to simply ignore the order and disappear into the ether.

It’s sad that this illegal alien should have been deported twice but was not. A bigger question is, “What was he doing in the country in the first place?”

Once again, I have to wonder why Ann Kirkpatrick (D), our current Congresswoman is doing nothing to stop illegal immigration. She is spending her time and effort criticizing President Trump’s efforts to stop illegal immigration and she is actively engaged in an effort to impeach him with no evidence. Sad.

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