Issues & Stances

Second Ammendment

I believe the 2nd Amendment protects a citizen’s inalienable individual right to keep and bear arms. The 2nd Amendment clearly states the federal government does not have the authority to pass any laws that would infringe upon that right. I support the intent of the 2nd Amendment and will never vote for any legislation that would infringe upon an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.


As a precursor to immigration reform, securing our national borders is paramount and non-negotiable. We need a strong physical barrier, along with a robust border patrol presence supported by sophisticated technology. All illegal alien persons and those covered under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) provisions are subject to current immigration law to include imprisonment and deportation. Those individuals of felony or violent offense status shall be prioritized. End chain migration and the lottery system.


Life starts at conception. We must protect the right to life of our most helpless. We must do everything in our power to protect and defend the most fundamental right to life.


The U.S. has a national debt of 22 trillion dollars. Congress must balance the budget immediately and rein in spending. This will not be a fight left to our children, but one we will face in the next 10 years. Borrowing money from allies and geopolitical foes at a rate of a million dollars a minute will cripple national defense along with social security, Medicare and Medicaid.