The impeachment fundraising scam is still in play for the Democrats. We are learning now that the Democrats are saying they will have to push this impeachment fundraising scam past Thanksgiving and into Christmas. I’m not convinced it will ever come to a vote.

I don’t disagree there is an element of tearing down President Donald Trump in this scam but that is ultimately a losing tactic because the Democrats don’t have any evidence. If they did, we would know it. The Democrats and the news media are one in the same and that information would be out there to support their impeachment fundraising scam.

Ann Kirkpatrick (D) AZ CD2, has and will continue to benefit from this fundraising push. She is among the newly elected Democrats in the House. Irrespective of her margin of victory in 2018, over a weaker Republican candidate, the upcoming election will not be easy for her. If we nominate a solid conservative non-RINO candidate to face her in November she will lose.

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The Democrats’ Presidential candidate will be weak, historically week, monumentally weak. Ann Kirkpatrick will be extremely vulnerable against the correct candidate. That candidate must be able to provide a clear choice on policy. RINO Republicans, like Lobbyist Shay Stautz, who have a long a sordid history working for Democrats, left-leaning institutions and contributing money to Democrats (including mega-Democrat Raul Grijalva), will lose massively. We’ve seen it over and over again in District 2.

Rush Limbaugh always says, “The Democrats will always tell you who they’re afraid of.” Well let me tell you.

  • I’m the only candidate she has bothered to issue a press release against.
  • I’m the only candidate she has sent her legion of Social Justice Warriors after.
  • And, as recently as last week it appears Ann Kirkpatrick has completely redesigned her Official website to highlight constituent service.

You might recall I recently wrote two articles (Going to Bat for You and Constituent Services) about what my Congressional office will be like once I’m sworn in. We know you’re reading our stuff Ann.

Back to fundraising though, understand Ann Kirkpatrick is raising money on the Impeachment fundraising scam and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is too. You might remember Adam Schiff is the Finance Chair of their Frontline program, the DCCCs program to maintain their House majority.

I need to keep raising money to keep up with the Democrats fundraising effort. Congressional campaigns are expensive, and I know Ann Kirkpatrick will continue to attack me. Please don’t wake up on November 4, 2020 with Ann Kirkpatrick still in office and say, “Maybe if I had just given a few dollars to my candidate, we could have won this election.”

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Now back to my thoughts on the National Democrats’ impeachment scam.

Impeachment will backfire on democrats if they end up not having the votes and are unable to bring it to the floor of the House. However, once they bring it to the House floor, it will become apparent there are no high crimes and misdemeanors for which impeachment is warranted.

If they do decide to bring it to a formal vote, they will likely have to do it when nobody is paying attention. Christmas is the perfect time for that since most everyone will be focused on family, friends and the holiday, and not what Congress is doing or what the media is saying. When it is demonstrated they don’t have any evidence, the impact to their members will be minimal.

Remember, Democrats are all about one thing, getting power and staying in power. We all know from experience they don’t have a political philosophy set on bedrock. They will change their position on any number of issues to suit their main goal, keeping power.

Since I believe this is an impeachment fundraising scam, Democrats will want to keep this alive until they can’t control the media cycle on it. That will happen when the first wave of Democrat caucuses and primaries begin on February 3, 2020.

So, we see they have a window of opportunity to satisfy their voter base. Democrats have been whipping up their base over impeachment since before President Trump was sworn in. To finally not have a vote could be a disaster for them, unless they just let it all die out for media coverage of the Democrat Presidential Nomination process. January to November is a long time for their base to forget how riled up they were over impeachment.

Once the nomination of their Presidential candidate is complete, they can again push hard on impeachment if it suits them or not since the media will be focusing on their Presidential candidate. He or she will determine if this goes forward at that point depending on how that person decides to go after President Trump leading up to the November election.

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