Going to bat for you, that’s what I’ll do.

A lot of people may not realize that being a Congressman is not entirely about voting on issues. It is a big and important part of the job. However, there are other important things I will be able to do for you when you elect me as your representative.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t getting a fair shake from a federal agency? It’s not fun.

It’s their job to serve you and I don’t like taking ‘no’ for an answer when you’re in the right. I’ll be able to plow through the RED TAPE for you. And make no mistake about this. I won’t care what your political affiliation is or whether you voted for me. When you come into my Congressional office, I won’t even ask. Democrats, Independents, Republicans and everyone else are equally impacted by the federal government. My job will be to help you.

It’s US against them at that point. And here’s a little secret, you and I (US) will win that fight. I’ll go to bat for you when you’re in the right.

Here’s something else I’m going to do when you elect me as your representative. I’m going to assign members of my staff to general areas of expertise and make sure they are as knowledgeable as possible on those areas. My staff will take advantage of educational opportunities to become subject matter experts so they can fight for you.

For example, let’s say you heard there was a government incentive to invest your capital gains in an Opportunity Zone. You could come to my office and speak with me or one of my staff who was well versed on Opportunity Zones. We would be able to provide you with the resources to adequately take advantage of the tax incentives associated with Opportunity Zones.

Or, maybe you applied to the Social Security Administration to claim benefits you were entitled to, but the Social Security Administration was giving you the run-around. My office would be able to help you cut through all the RED TAPE and get your application processed fast. Believe me, agencies start jumping when the Congressman calls their office. I’ll do that for you, and I don’t care if you’re a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent or something else.

These aren’t the only things I’ll be able to do for you. I of course can’t foresee every issue that you could potentially have with the Federal Government. I can tell you this, if the Federal Government isn’t doing what their supposed to do or if they’re wrong, I’ll be going to bat for you.

The Federal Government is HUGE. Agencies will BULLY you and try to make you believe you’re in the wrong. I won’t let that happen if you’re in the right. The people in these agencies work for you and they should remember that. If you are wrongfully pushed aside by a Federal Agency, my office will work diligently for you to resolve your issue and make it right. You deserve nothing less.

I hope you will consider voting for me in 2020. I look forward to serving you as your next Congressman.