St. Louis County police arrested two European illegal aliens about a year ago (August 2018). They were using counterfeit bank cards to steal money from an ATM. They also had in their possession at the time of the arrest, stolen mail, a large cache of counterfeit gift cards and prepaid debit cards, a laptop computer and a machine to encode data on cards.

Not every illegal alien in the United States is from Mexico, Central or South America. Not every illegal alien is Hispanic. Illegal aliens from all over the world are in our country. Many of them enter the United States on forged documents or on a visa and then overstay it.

Mrejuica Madalin, was age 30 and Laszlo Solomes was age 31 when St. Louis County police arrested them. Both men were Hungarian in the United States illegally. Madalin was using a fake Belgian passport in someone else’s name and Solomes did not have a valid visa.

It is imperative that Congress find solutions to keeping track of those who overstay visas. It’s not enough to shut down the border. Aliens who overstay their visa can pose as big a threat as an alien who sneaks across the border.

European illegal aliens can pose as big a threat to our nation as illegal aliens from Mexico, Central and South America. It’s not just criminal behavior we have to be on the look out for. Illegal aliens in our country may wish to engage in acts of terror. Remember four of the 9/11 terrorists were in the United States Illegally on expired visas. One lived right here in Tucson for a while.

Kirkpatrick Doing Practically Nothing on Everything Except Impeachment

Our current Congresswoman, Ann Kirkpatrick (D), has been mysteriously absent when it comes to solving the illegal immigration problem in the United States. In fact, she has been a vocal opponent of a wall on the southern border and has criticized President Donald Trump’s efforts to curtail illegal immigration. The most notable thing she has done since getting elected is beat the drum for impeachment of the President. That is not helpful.

I hope you will agree, illegal aliens who commit criminal offenses in our country are a danger to all our society. They don’t care what political party a person most strongly associates with. They don’t care about a person’s ethnic origin. They don’t care about sexual orientation or socio-economic status. If they decide to hurt someone, they do it.

Illegal immigration also indiscriminately hurts people economically. Illegal immigration places a burden on our schools, our healthcare system and our law enforcement. Illegal immigration does disproportionately hurt some blue-collar workers more, however. Illegal immigration can depress wages in job fields where fewer skill sets are required for initial entry.

If you are a Democrat and you think the Democrat party is for you, ask Democrat politicians like Ann Kirkpatrick, why they haven’t fixed our immigration system. Ask them why they allow illegal immigration to lower the quality of our public schools, place strains on our health care system and depress wages. I doubt she will have an answer for you.