Constituent Services

Constituent services will be an important part of my Congressional Office once elected. I briefly mentioned this in a previous article, Going to Bat for You, but I wanted to expound upon some of the tasks I envision my Congressional offices in the District will do to help you when you need assistance.

There are rules about what House Members can and can’t do relating to constituent services. These are established by the House of Representatives and published in the House Ethics Manual each Congress. I will follow those rules, but they are fairly broad and will give my staff and I a fair amount of latitude to offer assistance.

Some of the things I envision my offices will be able to do are:

  • Help constituents track misdirected federal government benefit payments
  • Help constituents navigate applications for various established benefits. For example, Veteran benefits
  • Explain governmental processes or decisions on a case
  • Provide assistance or further resources (a federal agency contact for example) to help fill out some government forms
  • Help legal immigrants who are applying for U.S. Citizenship
  • Request information or a status report from a federal agency you are working with
  • Attempt to expedite an interaction with a federal agency by urging prompt consideration of the matter
  • Ask a federal agency to reconsider a decision when it appears the response is not reasonably supported by statute or regulation
  • Under some circumstances, facilitate appointments with government offices and/or officials



Privacy is important. I will take it very seriously as your representative. Our office will follow the Privacy Act and HIPAA rules. You will have to give us authorization to work on your case.

If you come to my office for help I will not share the details with anyone not authorized to work on your case or who does not have a need to know about your case. When I was a military Intelligence professional, I held a Top Secret clearance. I was entrusted with keeping high level secrets for the United States government and I took that responsibility seriously. I and my staff will guard your privacy with the same diligence.


Office Staff

Establishing an office takes time and effort. Once elected, one of my first priorities will be hiring staff that I believe will be able to provide exceptional service to you. I will also establish policies and procedures for helping constituents and make sure my staff is trained to help with governmental issues.

I look forward to setting up these services for the people in our district. I and my staff will always strive to earn your trust.