Butchered with a machete. Then he was dismembered. Then he was dumped in the Green River in Washington State.

Sounds horrifically grizzly. This is what happened to Juan Carlos Con Guzman, a 16-year-old boy who lived in King County Washington. He was beat with a baseball bat then he was butchered with a machete, not shot with a gun. His alleged murderer? You guessed it, an illegal alien who could have been deported had it not been for King County’s sanctuary policies. The illegal alien was also allegedly MS-13.

Sanctuary is not a, “political gimmick.”

Guzman’s mangled body was discovered in the Green river on September 10, 2019, just one day before I issued a press release calling out one of my opponents, Joseph Morgan, for his ridiculously naïve position on Sanctuary Cities. Morgan has a severe credibility problem (See my September 11, 2019 press release – Joseph Morgan: Sanctuary, “Political Gimmick”). My press release was ignored by the Arizona Daily Star in favor of a very coincidental press release from Joseph Morgan. Morgan wrote for that paper.

A Still Bigger Problem

All that aside, the problem goes much deeper than King County’s or any other Sanctuary jurisdiction’s refusal to cooperate with federal immigration officials. The problem begins with the National Democrat Party’s refusal to do anything to stop illegal immigration. In fact, they are actively obstructing executive branch efforts to curtail illegal immigration.

President Donald Trump ran in 2016 stating he would put a stop to illegal immigration. You know why he did that? Because illegal immigration is a huge problem.

  • Illegal immigration cost you and I money.
  • Illegal immigration places severe pressure on law enforcement.
  • Illegal immigration places severe pressure on our schools.
  • Illegal immigration places severe pressure on our health care system.
  • And worst of all, illegal immigration needlessly exposes US Citizens to the crimes of evil criminals.


National Democrat Party Coup

The National Democrat Party has been actively obstructing justice. They are preventing the executive branch from carrying out their duty to detain and deport illegal immigrants. The National Democratic Party has been actively obstructing President Trump from protecting our country from dangerous evil criminals.

Instead of working with President Trump to secure the border, Democrats are relentlessly attacking him with distraction after distraction on bogus, made up, impeachment charges.

Our Congresswoman, Ann Kirkpatrick (D), called for impeachment inquiries in July 2019 citing the Mueller report which found nothing. Has she backed off her position? Not a bit.

Ann Kirkpatrick is complicit in the National Democrat Political Machine’s attempted coup of President Trump. What happens if they get Trump? They’ll just go after Vice-President Pence.

She doesn’t care that in less than a month, Tucson citizens may vote to turn the city into a Sanctuary for Illegal immigrants. Kirkpatrick criticized President Trump on building the wall across our southern border. I guess she just wants all those illegal immigrants to nestle into Tucson. Some of them will undoubtedly be evil criminals.


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