Meet Brandon Martin


Brandon MartinBrandon Martin is a candidate who wants to continue serving his fellow Arizonans. He is seeking the Republican nomination for U. S. Congressman at the 2020 election. Brandon will work tirelessly to secure freedom and individual liberties for the citizens of Arizona’s Second Congressional District.

He is a Constitutionalist Conservative Republican, and more importantly, Brandon is a Christian, a father to his daughter, and a proud Arizona citizen of these United States of America. He has made his home in Sierra Vista, Arizona since 2006.

Brandon was born in Indiana where he grew up working the farms. He installed floors and sub-floors, coached youth football, and was a substitute teacher. He came to understand the importance of a good foundation from his time as a Boy Scout, and putting in a hard day’s work, and also to appreciate the value of being prepared.

Brandon Martin served as an Intelligence Professional in the U.S. Army Reserves for 11 years and fought in Afghanistan collecting intelligence information on enemy combatants. He knows what it takes to fight the enemies of America. Brandon is committed to making sure our men and women in uniform have the best equipment and training needed to win the fight both foreign and domestic.

After spending two years instructing military intelligence soldiers, Brandon spent 7 years working for the Department of the Army. He trained soldiers in intelligence collection and managing civilian professional development programs. Brandon was part of the development budget as a member of the Secretary General Staff, United States Army Intelligence Center of Excellence and Fort Huachuca Command Group.

BRANDON MARTIN KNOWS HIS MISSION, He believes our government is of the people, by the people and for thepeople. We MUST secure the southern border and protect our citizens. We are a sovereign nation.

  • Defend our Second Amendment Rights.
  •  Stop illegal immigration and end chain migration.
  •  Protect innocent lives by ending abortion.
  • Work to make Social Security and Medicare solvent for those who have paid into it, so that these issues will not be
    pawns during each election year, at the same time working to have a solid plan for future generations.
  •  Keep Fort Huachuca off the Base Realignment and Closure list by securing more training and military missions
  • Ensure Davis Monthan maintains a robust flight mission.
  • Reign in government spending and demand congress pass a balanced budget
  • Work to abolish the income tax and audit the FED.
  • Return powers to the States or the people not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution.
  • Hold the US Office of Veteran’s Affairs accountable
  • Work to improve care for our veterans
  • Join President Trump in putting America first for All-Americans.