The Border Patrol interdictions statistics were released for fiscal year 2019 on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 for the Southwest Border and in the United States. In many categories Border Patrol interdictions were up over fiscal year 2018.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most alarming statistics:

  • 851,508 migrants apprehended to include 473,683 family units
  • 126,001 inadmissibles encountered at port of entries
  • 976 gang members arrested nationwide
  • Nearly 101,000 pounds of cocaine seized (a 73% increase over Fiscal Year 2018)
  • Nearly 2,800 pounds of fentanyl seized (a 30% increase)
  • More than 83,000 pounds of methamphetamine seized (a 23% increase)
  • $75 million of illicit currency seized (a 7% increase)
  • Almost 3,000 illicit weapons seized (a more than 150% increase)

Do-Nothing Democrats


Why are Border Patrol Interdictions Up?

Clearly, we have a border security issue. I know that is not a new revelation for those of you who have been following my campaign. I will ask once again, what has our current representative, Ann Kirkpatrick (D), done to fix the border security issues? Simple answer is, not much. She’s just another do-nothing Democrat.

Ann Kirkpatrick has been more focused on the baseless impeachment of President Donald Trump and championing the phony climate change movement, than solving real problems that affect Southern Arizonans every day.

The most recent Border Patrol interdictions statistics indicate we still have a real security problem at our Southern border. That translates into less safety for and a substantial economic impact on residents here in District 2, Arizona and the United States.

11 years in the military and another 7 years as a civilian for the Department of the Army, has afforded me a great deal of experience combating threat, terrorism and terrorist activities. These types of activities are not unlike the criminal activities we are now experiencing at our Southern border. Of the candidates running for Congress this cycle, I am uniquely qualified to address the problems we are experiencing on our Southern Border.

When I get to Congress, I will immediately begin building coalitions with other Congressional leaders to address our border crisis. I will also begin to educate and persuade representatives who do not see border security as a priority, on the necessity of acting immediately to solve this national crisis.

Even if you don’t live in my district, you can support our effort to replace a do-nothing Democrat, Ann Kirkpatrick, in the House of Representatives. Help me get to Congress so I can begin to solve border crisis we all face.

Will you support our campaign to remove do-nothing Ann Kirkpatrick and reduce the Democrat majority in Congress by one?