Blood in the Water

Blood in the Water

In the iconic 1975 thriller JAWS, scientist Matt Hooper tells the corrupt small-town mayor, “You are going to ignore this problem until it swims up and bites you in the ass.”  In light of recent events on the Arizona border, that scene looks to have been prophetic; but it is the citizens of Douglas who find themselves surrounded by blood in the water.

Steven Spielberg’s classic film terrified a generation by killing five characters. This week nearly twice that number; nine women and children, were slaughtered by a Mexican drug cartel on the very doorstep of Douglas.

While the mayors of neighboring communities like San Luis and Nogales proactively sought and secured Federal funding to build desperately-needed Port of Entry facilities, the city leaders in Douglas have systematically stonewalled every attempt to improve regional security. Numerous citizens of Douglas, along with leaders in Cochise County, have repeatedly raised valid concerns, backed by strong evidence, regarding the threats posed by an unsecured border and archaic, over-burdened port facilities. But much like Hooper, they have been not only dismissed but actively de-railed by a handful of pivotal bureaucrats who seem to have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Why anyone would choose to cripple our own security is a mystery, but one must consider an old adage: if you can’t be part of the solution, there’s good money to be made prolonging the problem.

Sadly, it was not the mayor in JAWS who found himself served up on the dinner menu; it was the innocent kid on the raft, the woman enjoying a quiet swim. People going about their lives placing their safety in the hands of those elected to look after them. To reach the mayor, the proverbial shark would have to swim past metal detectors and armed security personnel; levels of protection that the rest of us don’t enjoy. We are stuck fending for ourselves out in the open water, where we will likely be alone when the ominous ‘dun dun, dun dun’ cello music starts playing. As horrific as this metaphor might be, I doubt that even a shark could inspire the genuine terror that must have gripped the brave women who sacrificed themselves in a vain attempt to shield those kids from a far more soul-less predator.

Being proven right is no comfort to those who beat the drums of warning. If anything, we are left with a gut sick emptiness at being forced to watch powerless as the shark rose from the depths and did its work. This is not a time for recrimination or meaningless regret; it is a wake-up call to take action; to save the next family. Drug cartel activity on both side of the border has consolidated around Douglas and Agua Prieta, drawn to blood in the water by the ease with which an otherwise increasingly strengthened border can be crossed. Douglas stands as Arizona’s last undefended port of entry and it is time that it follows the blueprint for success proven in San Luis and Nogales. The Federal government has demonstrated a willingness to assist with funding across the rest of the Arizona border; it is time to call for their help in Cochise County.  If the city officials in Douglas won’t get out of the way, perhaps it is time they went for a nice long swim in the waters they helped to create.

Dems Draw Line in Sand

Dems Draw Line in Sand

Ann Kirkpatrick (D) AZ2, officially drew a line in the sand today with her ‘YES’ vote to establish rules for an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. On one side of that line stands Ann Kirkpatrick, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and practically every other Democrat in the House of Representatives, including the ultra-lefty, Raul Grijalva whose district includes parts of Tucson and stretches across a massive portion of Arizona’s border with Mexico. On the other side of this line in the sand are the hard-working men and women in CD2 who have benefitted from a thriving economy and who want an end to the illegal immigration crisis.

In Arizona, the entire Democrat House delegation voted in favor of moving forward with the frivolous impeachment inquiry. Ann Kirkpatrick and Raul Grijalva both represent districts in Arizona that border Mexico and have illegal immigrants pouring into our country. Some of these illegal immigrants are dangerous gang members, drug smugglers, murderers, rapists and pedophiles who pose a serious threat to families and kids living in the district. Yet Kirkpatrick and Grijalva waste their time pursuing a frivolous impeachment inquiry.


Please don’t support Kirkpatrick and Grijalva OR (Stautz)

AND, please stop giving money to these two politicians. They are not working in the best interest of the people in Southern Arizona.

I also call on one of my “Republican” primary opponents here in CD2, Lobbyist Shay Stautz, to stop giving so much money to Raul Grijalva and other Democrats. I understand Lobbyist Shay is confused about his political orientation, he worked as a staffer for a Democrat Congressman, Mo Udall, but, common man, decide which party you want to support.

I mean seriously:

  • September 2013                  $500 to Raul Grijalva (D)
  • June 2011                            $250 to Raul Grijalva (D)
  • June 2010                            $500 to Raul Grijalva (D)
  • June 2008                            $500 to Raul Grijalva (D)
  • June 2007                            $250 to Raul Grijalva (D)
  • June 2006                            $500 to Raul Grijalva (D)


  • November 2006                $500 to Gabrielle Giffords (D)
  • March 2011                       $1000 to Gabrielle Giffords (D)

Ann Kirkpatrick is Done in CD2

The House vote on impeachment will go down as one of the biggest Democrat blunders in history. I believe the Democrats will lose the House over this. Ann Kirkpatrick owes her House seat to Nancy Pelosi and Kirkpatrick will do whatever Pelosi asks. This is why Kirkpatrick will lose in 2020.


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A Scary Halloween Story

A Scary Halloween Story

You Are Here

Three out of every one hundred people who saw this on Facebook were brave enough to visit this page. Now the question is, will you read on to hear a tale that will chill you to your bones?

My guess is only five out of every one hundred of you will continue.

A Scary Tale

In 1941, on September 8 to be precise, a boy was born in New York. This boy would grow up in Brooklyn. He was the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland. You might recall, it was at this time, Jewish people in Germany were being persecuted by a National Socialist, Adolf Hitler. However, here in the United States all appeared to be fine.

This boy continued to grow, attended school and finally graduated. Eventually he left Brooklyn and began attending the University of Chicago. There he became involved in the Civil Rights Movement and was a member of CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality. He was an organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and in 1963 he participated in a March on Washington.

The boy, now a young man, finished college in 1964 with a degree in Political Science. He worked many jobs but was never able to make much of himself. During the Vietnam War, he applied for conscientious objector status, but his application was eventually rejected and by that time he was too old to be drafted.

All through the 1970’s this man ran for public office and was rejected. His political views were radically socialist. He nearly gave up running for office. However, in 1980 he decided to give it one more go and run for Mayor in Burlington, Vermont. On March 3, 1981, this frail man whose hair was already beginning to turn gray, defeated the incumbent Mayor, by 10 votes.

10 votes.

Let that sink in.

10 votes.

This man would go on to be a Congressman and then later a US Senator.

This man eventually decided to run for President. He inspired hundreds of thousands of college aged adults to embrace Socialism and become social justice activists. He is still recruiting young college aged adults to embrace Socialism.

He preaches climate change, Universal health care, free college, forgiving student load debt and embraces illegal aliens.

He could have been stopped in 1981, remember, 10 votes.

If you could go back in time, how much money would you have given to make sure he never won that first election?

10 votes.

If not for 10 votes, Bernie Sanders would likely be a nobody today.

I told you it was a scary tale, but if you’re still here, there is hope. Don’t leave yet, let me finish, there is more.

Did you know, a PEW research center report released in 2017 indicated Democrats were more than TWICE as likely as Republicans to donate money to a political candidate. TWICE as likely.

Today, the House of Representatives is controlled by the Democrats. A nightmare. They are not solving problems, they are trying to impeach our President, Donald Trump. AND, they are raising money off this impeachment effort. That money will be used to help them keep and if possible, expand their majority.

If you are reading this, you are the one person out of about 660 who has made it this far. Be proud of yourself. Most people on Facebook never even clicked through to this story, much less read down this far. But you’re still here.

Can you help save the Republic? Yes, it’s that grave, no pun intended.

I would like to ask you again, if you could go back in time, how much money would you have given to make sure Bernie Sanders never won his first election? Remember he won by 10 votes.

So, let’s talk about our Congressional District. Right now, it is controlled by Ann Kirkpatrick (D) and she is in on the impeachment scam with Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. If we can defeat Ann Kirkpatrick next year, we will be one step closer to a Republican Majority in the US House.

One step closer to stopping this impeachment nightmare.

You have two choices really:

1) Do nothing (but vote) and wake up on Wednesday, 4 November 2020, realizing the Democrats still control Congress and Ann Kirkpatrick is still in office, or,

2) Click here and contribute to our campaign so we can run Television, Radio and Direct Mail ads to defeat Ann Kirkpatrick (D) in 2020.

The choice is yours.