Ann Kirkpatrick (D), thank you for giving me a national spotlight to address the threat you pose to Congressional District 2 and Americans across our great Nation.

You attacked the content of my fundraising appeal. You just want to use it to take away the People’s right to keep and bear arms and shut them up politically. I’m not going to let that happen.

Your pandering and fear mongering are the reason I’m running for Congress. You and your ilk constantly smear law abiding citizens that want nothing more than to live in peace with their neighbors, without the government trying to strip them of their liberties.

You would demonize the more than 3 million people who protect themselves with a gun by demonizing my use of a simple word, ‘ammunition’.

The truth is Ann, you’re the real advocate for violence in the words you say and the rhetoric that comes out of your mouth. Your words and rhetoric are directly responsible for the murder of more than 600,000 unborn babies each year.

You often hide your despicable intentions behind ‘A woman’s right to choose’. In all reality you are an accomplice to murder.

I served in the military as an Army Interrogator, deployed to Afghanistan where killers like you would try to lie to me and mislead me to make me believe they were not a real threat. I’ve seen hundreds of people just like you Ann, and I’m not fooled.

It will be fun debating you next year. I look forward to it.

But guess what? You left out the most important part of the appeal letter, so let’s just set the record straight.

Here goes:

Your party, the Democrat party, starting with Hillary Clinton (D) and the phony manufactured Steele dossier, then with Robert Mueller’s Special Council which reported nothing, have attacked President Donald Trump non-stop since he legitimately won the election.

You – You walked onto the floor of the House of Representatives and called for impeachment investigations into President Trump. A baseless attack on the President.

Nancy Pelosi (D) just last week said she was going to open impeachment proceedings on President Trump.

Adam Schiff (D), the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, opened his ‘Whistle Blower’ committee hearing by lying about the content of President Trump’s call to the Ukrainian President. Then he went on to berate, and badger, and call into question the integrity of a 36-year career Navy Veteran and former SEAL, Acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire.

You ma’am sit on the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee.

You ma’am have two major military bases in your district, one of which is a center for Intelligence Excellence.

You ma’am allowed Adam Schiff to impugn the integrity of a career Navy veteran and former SEAL. Where was your outrage? I guess you really don’t care about military people after all.

It is a fact; you have nothing on President Trump.

What you are engaged in is a political coup to unseat a duly elected President. You and the rest of your National Democrat conspirators have manufactured lies. You are using your loaned political authority to waste time attacking the President instead of solving real problems like the invasion of our country by illegal aliens, some of whom are real evil criminals. Need I remind you, some of the 9/11 terrorists were here in our country illegally. One lived right here in Tucson for some time.

And — And let me say it again. You are actively assaulting the First and Second Amendments. Of course, no sane person wants mass shootings to occur. But the people who do it are not sane, and there are already laws against murder. That doesn’t stop them though, does it?

The Second Amendment prohibits the federal government from infringing on our right to keep and bear arms. As a member of the House of Representatives, you are not authorized by the Constitution to advance any legislation that would infringe on the Second Amendment. Yet you are publicly supporting legislation that would do just that.

So, I ask you, who is a threat to Congressional District 2?

Is it the person who is conspiring with the National Democrat Political Machine to engage in a coup to unseat the President? (Just so you know, that would be you Ann)

Is it the person who has made no progress securing our Southern border from waves of illegal aliens, some of whom are very, very dangerous criminals? (Again, that would be you Ann)

Is it the person who advocates the killing of innocent babies? (You again Ann)

I’m not going away. I am the voice of the Silent Majority and offer them a stark contrast to you and those who would look to attack the American way of life.


I ask all Freedom loving Americans to donate money to support my campaign to remove Ann Kirkpatrick from office.

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