Brandon MartinBrandon Martin is seeking the Republican nomination for United States Congress in the 2020 election.

Brandon’s upbringing instilled a solid foundation of respect for others and a duty to serve his community. These qualities were taught by his parents and reinforced during his time as a Boy Scout. He also learned the value of a strong work ethic. While growing up he worked the local farms in his community. Later he installed floors and sub-floors. Later in life, Brandon served the youth in our community. He coached youth football and has acted as a substitute teacher. He appreciates the value of being prepared and putting in a hard day’s work.

Brandon Martin is the only candidate, currently seeking the Republican nomination, who has served in the Military. Brandon served in the United States Army Reserves for 11 years as an interrogator and intelligence source operator. He served a tour in Afghanistan collecting intelligence on enemy combatants. During his deployment he gained considerable experience collecting and analyzing intelligence. He also gained experience analyzing enemy threats to our troops and developing sound recommendations to neutralize those threats. He has experience combating terrorism and terrorists activities. Brandon will bring those skills to Washington where he will provide leadership promoting National Security. His experience also makes him the perfect candidate to take on the Nation’s illegal immigration crisis. Illegal immigration is a National Security threat.

Brandon Martin taught interrogations and intelligence source operations to new soldiers for his final two years in the Army Reserves. After that, he continued to impart his knowledge to new soldiers, as a civilian for the Department of the Army.  Later, he worked as a member of the Secretary General Staff, U.S. Army Intelligence Center for Excellence and Fort Huachuca Command Group. There he managed civilian professional development programs and managed the professional development budget for the fort.

In 2018, Brandon Martin resigned his position with the Department of the Army, in compliance with the Hatch Act, to run for Congress. During the 2018 Primary Election, Brandon showed considerably strong, coming in a close second despite being outspent 20-1 by the eventual nominee. This election cycle Brandon is building on all the support he gained in 2018 and will secure the nomination so Arizona’s Second District will have a true Constitutional conservative representing the Republican party in November 2020.

He will work tirelessly to secure freedom and individual liberties for the citizens of Arizona’s Second Congressional District. Brandon’s Christian beliefs, conservative values and love of the Constitution, will guide his decision making and political philosophy.  Brandon is a father and a proud citizen of Arizona. He has made his home in Sierra Vista, Arizona since 2006. He will work hard to be a strong voice for the Second District’s interests in Congress.

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